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Why Choose Us

100% Organic Foods

Your Horn of Plenty Membership is a month to month but you can cancel at any time. All memberships are renewed by default at your enrollment date of the next year. You are billed the annual enrollment fee on their anniversary date for the upcoming season.

If you would like to cancel your membership, contact our team at (919) 578-8158 or by email at Your coordinator will pick up your last empty box the following week. All cancellations must be made by the Sunday preceding the upcoming week’s order. A box ordered by you before Sunday at 9 pm will be delivered that week (the food for this box is ordered from our Grocers on Wheels staff at 5 am on Monday morning).

Fast Free Delivery

Delivery Network

We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products to your home or office up to 48 hours.

Pick ups

Check our local pick up spots – you’ll be amazed how close we are to you 🙂

Best Shopping Strategies

How we are different?

Our consultants will help you to choose the best plan according to your needs. Note that we can also arrange a custom plan specially for you.

All in one place

Yes, we have it all – Diary products, Meat, Bread, Drinks, Eggs and more!

More Than 15 Years In The Business

Almost 16!

We are working with farms and organic products for almost 16 years and to be honest this is the best job ever – to see the people smiles when they try our tasty berries or fresh milk!

100% Professionals

We have contracts with major organizations from in and out of the country. We have received the Best Organic Food of The Year Award 2013.

Latest News

6 Steps 2 A Longer Life

Healty Food

Healthy Diet

Healthy Cooking

Healthy Recepies

Make Exercises

Drink Water

More Info About Grocers On Wheels That You Need To Know

What are the benefits?

You will receive affordable, organic produce that is fresh from the farm

How much does it cost?

A typical mixed variety share would cost each member $35.00

How do I join?

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete Become a Member Form

What will I receive?

In each basket there is an assortment of 16-19 fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fun Fact

Grocers On Wheels is where freshness meets convenience. Every week, we purchase/deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats into the heart of the Southeast Raleigh/Wake County communities, businesses, at affordable prices. Our customers hand select their items themselves from our wide selection of produce and get educational tips on how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. We are doing our part to assist in alleviating the USDA food desert designated areas in Wake County and helping the County with it’s goal of becoming the healthiest capital county in the United States!

Recipe Of The Day

Grocers on Wheels pulls up in a full-sized pickup truck loaded with fresh foods to private properties by invite only. You can come outdoors to shop or pre-ordered via phone or text.

For more details & friendly service, please call 919-578-8158 and bring your community in on the freshest of home delivered produce!

Latest From Our Blog

People eating organic food 25%
People eating fast food 74%
People on diets 86%

Our non-profit misson is to serve low income and low access areas of Southeast Raleigh & Durham, NC.

  • Grocers on Wheels (GOW) Welcomes EBT (Food Stamps) & SNAP Benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). No sales tax or transaction fees apply.
  • GOW encourages customers to shop with their neighbors.Collective purchasing, along with the high visibility of the truck, may entice other residents to develop healthier eating habits. This in turn, helps cultivate the sustainable and socially responsible communities our cities need.
  • GOW encourages customers to shop with their neighbors.Collective purchasing, along with the high visibility of the truck, may entice other residents to develop healthier eating habits. This in turn, helps cultivate the sustainable and socially responsible communities our cities need.
  • There are delivery fees outside of Southeast Raleigh & scheduled Durham areas. Free delivery is always available in Southeast Raleigh.

Get to know the program director: Demetrius Hunter

Demetrius Hunter is passionate about operating Grocers On Wheels, a mobile produce service with the mission to bring fresh groceries to food deserts into his Southeast Raleigh, North Carolina community. For 10 years Demetrius worked side-by-side with his father Zelb Hunter, also known as “The Vegetable Man,” in low income and low food access areas, learning first hand customers needs and wants in various communities. Now, with his father Zelb Hunter’s blessings, he has revived the concept of providing a personal produce delivery service using 21st Century technology for underserved residents.

Great partnerships have been added through Mr.  Hunter’s navigational efforts to ensure persons that may not have a food access become inclusive in a healthier lifestyle choice. The District of Columbia Health Department’s Produce Plus, Wake County Human Service Chronic Health Movin and Groovin and Durham County Public Health Department Diabetes Program assist to the most vulnerable to food insecurity.

As a result, the communities Grocers on Wheels serves now has access to fresh foods and are making healthier food choices, making supplemental purchases and by being encouraged to try fruits and vegetables they’d otherwise not test out.

Mr. Hunter has 14 years of experience as a community organizer and worked as an operational manager post Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. His expertise in building codes, green building design, organizational management, industrial labor and weather resistant materials were invaluable during the rebuilding process.

Since 2006, Mr. Hunter has worked also the C.E.O and Founder Southeast Raleigh Vicinity Emerging (S.E.R.V.E). The mission of his organization is to bring sustainable practices through his SERVE non-profit organization, focusing on sustainable education and 21st century careers, for youth and low income citizens. Through S.E.R.V.E he actively recruited both unemployed and underemployed residents for food distribution, green careers, and small business start ups. In addition, Mr. Hunter coordinates with local colleges to recruit clients to receive an education for theses careers that prepares the city of Raleigh residents for the workforce and small business ownership. SERVE now partners with local government agencies and local businesses.

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