Fall Harvest Festivals every weekend

Year 3

Once we the land becomes productive

Agribusiness is not new model. Successful models exist in communities of varying size and population throughout the country. However, agribusiness in marginalized, low-income communities, is a burgeoning concept whose time has come. SERCEF is working to create a model that both addresses the community’s needs and serves as a vehicle for economic development. Agribusiness or Agritourism is basically where agriculture and tourism  intersect, as farms and ranches invite the public onto their property to experience out of doors, the leisure pace, that invites prospective patron to eat healthy and have nutritious produce. That is only possible when it is freshly picked at the peak of perfection.

Agribusiness Production – Will include the promotion of North Carolina Agriculture by welcoming patrons to do a farm tour. The services will include but not limit a tour of hay rides, pumpkin picking, corn maze.

Services- will include a day party every weekend in September and October. Our Harvest Festivals will create a community fair atmosphere for your family to enjoy. We will have live music, Corn maze, Animal farm and Shop at the Barnyard with some farm to table goods, and other wellness products… The Farm House, #nclocal Food Tent will feature your favorite North Carolina local dishes. Inside the market we will feature some of the greatest custard bean pie, sweet potato pies other southern deserts. Our Gift Shop is packed with all of your Fall decor needs and local merchandise for souvenirs.

Dates & Times

The pumpkin picking hayrides corn maze: $4.50 per person (1 ticket) WEEKENDS ONLY

Fall Harvest Festivals every weekend

Sept. 10 to Oct. 30 2018

Hayride to Pick

Corn Maze

#nclocal Food Tent

Live Music


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