Southeast Raleigh Community Education Farm

Project proposal for food crop production, educational farm, small agri-business: Southeast Raleigh Community Educational Farming Project for funding.

Name of proposal – Southeast Raleigh Community Education Farm

Implementation type –  Integrated Agricultural Project, Educational, Agri-Business Production


Contact Address – 708 Bailey Drive Raleigh NC 27610

Contact Persons – Mr. Demetrius Hunter

Tel 919-796-4776

Problems Analysis:

The community members of Southeast Raleigh are in dire need to become educated in food production and learn how to become integrated in agriculture as food insecurity is a major concern across all demographics of Southeast Raleigh.  

We realize that major resources are needed with the land accommodated and we will rely on our partners for training and technical assistance and seek multiple funding sources in the form of grants and fundraisers to suit this operation. There are certain needs and provisions that must be met as we face challenges within the project.

We will address them by starting with appropriate agriculture inputs and restart normal production activities of Bass Farm. These inputs include education, landscape design, and structural design, farm equipment, seeds, planting materials,

NC State University is a partner for landscaping and structural designs of the farm. Grants will be a major source of funding to get the farm into production and as a 501 c 3, we have a well established a track record with grantees over the years and will be seeking additional funding to ensure the sustainment of the farm.

Other issues:

  • Lack of the capacity to provide support service.
  • The food desert of Southeast Raleigh and influence of healthy eating habits in development activities.


The overall objective of the project is in accordance with the Government Agricultural policy of increasing food production and diversification of the present farming system so as to attain sustainable food security.


  • To start the production of crops so as it pertains to food access in the Southeast Raleigh food desert
  • To address to farm to Childcare needs within the Wake County area
  • To grow natural production and become GAP certified
  • To strengthen the productive capacity of community members as they learn to farm
  • To educate Wake County Public Schools on educational farm
  • To create Agribusiness within the use of the farmland.



Since the formation of the project in 2013, the project leaders addressed the food insecurities throughout Wake County and Durham County.

Our focus since inception of the project included seniors and person that stayed in the food desert areas of Wake and Durham County.

The project has accommodated the communities we serve through non traditional methods.

Our services

SNAP program


Pop up markets (Faith Based Communities) Parks and Recreation Senior Centers, Day Care etc.  


Currently, the project is embarking on the introduction of food cooperatives and online e commerce import export and satellite location.


Depending on the availability of funds, the project intends to embark on the cultivation of 5 acres for the first year of major food crop production.

Year 1

  • Crop Production
  • Soil, analysis
  • Well system pressure upgrade
  • Horticulture education
  • Cumulative Surplus Program
  • Landscape design practices from our local universities

We will focus on the farm to childcare program in partnership with Wake County Farm to Child Care project. We will grow local produce for childcare snacks and meals. Smartstart parents, childcare providers and students, Through Wake County Smart Start we will receive technical assistance to facilitate on the farm training and connect horticulturalist and nutritionist to help improve healthy eating for children. The focus will be on child care facilities in Wake County that serve low-income families and children who need improved access to healthy, nutritious food.

Funding $100,000.00

Kubota M100GX, M110GX, M126GX $27,900.00

Auger Hole Digger $786.00

Rotary Cutter 14’ Bush Hog $9,500.00

Later pricing for…

Sweep Plow primary tillage ft, secondary tillage ft Disk Harrow, Tandem primary tillage, secondary tillage, Disk Harrow, Offset  Field Cultivator primary tillage tools, secondary tillage tools, Row Crop Cultivator S-till rows, C-shank rows,No-till rows, Rod Weeder, Disk-Bedder rows, MINOR TILLAGE TOOLS Rotary Hoe, Coil Tine Harrow, Spike Tooth Harrow, Roller Packer, Roller Harrow, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Row, Crop Planter


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